The Last Supper

Original title: "Son Akşam Yemeği"

Directed by

Halil İbrahim Gezer

Halil İbrahim Gezer took part in many national and international projects as an actor and action director. He worked in the action team for ” James Bond 007 Skyfall” and ” Ali & Nino ” movies. Then he acted in an independent film named “Simurg “. Then he wrote the script of “Alamut Uyanış ”  TV Series and directed the first episode. He is now in front of his audience with his first feature film, ‘The Last Supper’.

Cinematography by

Emre Uğantaş

Edited by

Halil İbrahim Gezer

Music by

Sleep Dealer , Yusuf Selman Bağış

Main cast

Sefa Köksal , Belin Çekmece , İpek Sonsoy , Ali Uysal , Ömer Mızrak

Color: color, Running time: 97, Format: Digital, Countries: TR, Languages: TR

Yunus Emre Soğukkanlı Yunus Emre Sogukkan studied action in Hong Kong and worked as an action director in many films. These movies include '007 James Bon Skyfall' and 'Water Diviner'. In recent years, he has been continuing his career as an independent feature film producer as well as an action director.
Production company(s)

Doe Film Yapım


The Last Supper tells the story of three brothers who come together because of their father’s death. After their father’s funeral, the three brothers gather for a commemorative dinner. However, the brothers soon realize that this dinner is a plan of revenge. All they have to do now is try to survive by escaping. But an unplanned person will spoil all plans and the brothers will face an unpredictable end.

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