About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at the New Turkish Film Program is based on our passion to enable Turkish films, infused as they are by the spirit of a land made fertile by multiple civilizations and cultures, to reach the global audience they deserve.

The Program aims to channel Turkish filmmakers’ narratives in all their incredible diversity, originality and colour via prominent film festivals and programs around the world that share our fundamental commitment to the encouragement and proliferation of cinematic talent in all its forms.

The New Turkish Film Program supports both established and emerging directors and producers, providing information and guidance to facilitate Turkish filmmakers’ access to international events, showcases and opportunities.

Funded by the General Directorate of Cinema of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture, the New Turkish Film Program has been operating since 2014 as an integral part of the Turkish Film Producers’ Guild (Se-Yap), an internationally affiliated platform that seeks to promote the development and public recognition of Turkish filmmakers.

All our activities and efforts are based on our message to Turkish filmmakers working in these incredibly challenging times:

“With your excellence and passion, we are invincible”.