The Hotel of Waifs

Original title: "Kimsesizler Oteli"

Directed by

Rıdvan Karaman He was born in Ankara in 1987. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Languages History and Geography, Department of Theatre-Dramatic Writing. He has written many stories and plays and has directed short films and plays.

Cinematography by

Rıdvan Karaman

Edited by

Rıdvan Karaman

Music by

Yunus Dişkaya

Main cast

Serdal Erdek , Gürkan Kaya , Mehmet Ali Karakoç

Color: color, Running time: 71, Format: Digital, Countries: TR, Languages: TR

Onur Başer Onur Baser is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia University in the City of New York. He was born in Ankara, Turkey 1973 to a middle school teacher father and elementary school teacher mother. He was a cinephile since early ages. After graduating from Middle East Technical University in 1996, he moved to USA to pursue a career in academia. However, his passion on art continued. In addition producing movies, he is an art collector, mostly from Brazilian artists. He lives in New York.
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Waifs, homeless, derelicts, almsmen, others, forgettens, outcasts, unwanteds... The Hotel of Waifs; a temporary resting place far from home, an amusement in a pale fun fair, an enthusiastic trip on roundabout ways of soul.

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