Restless Forever

Original title: "Ebedi Uykusuz"

Directed by

İlke Yeşilay

Born in Istanbul, Ilke Yesilay studied Philosophy, German Language at Istanbul University and graduated from Cinema-TV department. Following that, she undertook screenwriting classes at NYU Tisch School of Arts and studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute for two years. She has written for many television series including, well known Turkish Crime Series BEHZAT Ç. and co-wrote in various short films. Her first feature Ebedi Uykusuz, has been funded by Turkish Ministry of Culture and developed in Torino FilmLab.

Cinematography by

Maxence Lemonnier

Edited by

Doruk Kaya

Music by


Main cast

Lila Gürmen , Ali İpin , İlke Yeşilay , Can Şıkyıldız

Color: colored, Running time: 88 mins, Format: HD, Countries: Turkey , Romania, Languages: Turkish , English

Zafer Yeşilay -
Cem Celal Bilge

Production company(s)

Greenmoonfilm, FiFilm, ABATOR


Andu Radu


A mentally troubled young woman seeks the greatest deed in the world, in order to get her dead sister into heaven.

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