Original title: "Plaza"

Directed by

Anıl Gelberi

Born in 1986 in Ankara. Graduated from 2008 from the Faculty of Law at Bahçeşehir University, he started working as a lawyer. After interning during college for Mehmet Açar at the culture team of Habertürk newspaper, he participated in the 16 mm Film Production Workshop at South Thames College in London in 2011. Following this, he started graduate studies in Film & Television at Bahçeşehir University. During his studies, the worked as producer for short films; and co-produced the film The Gulf, directed by Emre Yeksan.

Cinematography by

Kağan Kerimoğlu

Edited by

Fırat Terzioğlu

Music by

Gökhan Terlemez

Main cast

Onur Berk Arslanoğlu, Deniz Altan, Adnan Devran

Color: colored, Running time: 82, Format: DCP, Countries: TR, Languages: TR

Okan Üzey Worked in the marketing and programming department at M3 Film which did the distribution of more than 300 films. Worked from founding until November 2016 as the general coordinator of BAŞKA SİNEMA, a venture of the same company and an important distribution model for international independent film industry. He then served as the film buying and distribution director at Kurmaca film. At the same time, he was the managing administrator of PAZ Film Agency. He founded Kalavara Film in 2017.
Production company(s)

Kalavara Film


Best Actor (27. Int. Adana Film Festival), Most Promising Actress (27. Int. Adana Film Festival)


Anıl Gelberi


39. International İstanbul Film Festival, 27. International Adana Film Festival


What could happen to a security guard in an empty plaza in the middle of the city?

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