My Father’s Bones

Original title: "Babamın Kemikleri"

Directed by

Ozkan Celik I was born in 16.06.1981. In 2004 I graduated from Kayseri Erciyes Üniversity with a diploma in Cinema-TV. I worked as a first assistant director in various Cinema, TV and Commercial takes. I wrote and directed feature film “MUSKA” which was released in 2014. In 2014 I directed TV Series called as “VUSLAT YOLU” for TRT. In 2016 I also directed a TV film for TRT, which called as “BİR SEVDA İŞİ”. I was the director and co-producer of ‘My Father’s Bones’ which completed in 2018.

Cinematography by

Serdar Ozdemir

Edited by

Nilay Atılgan - Ozkan Celik

Music by

Neset Ertas

Main cast

Cem Davran - Omer Aydede - Goncagul Sunar - Tanju Tuncel

Color: colored, Running time: 95, Format: 2:35-1, Countries: Turkey, Languages: Turkish

Mustafa Ensari Dal I was born in Muş in 1977. Between 2005 - 2008 - Tv8, ATVs, KanalD channels "Esra Ceyhan" TV program / concept – content 2008, "Muge Anli and Sweet Hard" TV Program / concept – content 2009, founded the " Edit Movie Company" 2011, TRT Music channel – Programs: "Morning Turkey, Studio, One, One Album Story, Dream Like, Rhythm, Hail Anatolia, Mee Orchestra" 2012, founded "Papyon Film" Company TV8 Channel "Trophy Turkey" / concept – content 2014, TRT 1 – "Vuslat Road" 4 Episode Project 2016, "Babamın Kemikleri" Movie Production
Production company(s)

Papyon Film


Mustafa Ensari Dal


‘My Father’s Bones’ is the story of Omer, who escaped from his village because of an unpleasant situation that he experienced when he was a child. Omer was caught in front of the elders of the village in an improper state, and he escaped from the village that exact night and never came back. He even did not go to his father’s funeral.

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