Les Enfants Terribles

Original title: "Yaramaz Gençler"

Directed by

Ahmet Necdet Çupur

Born in a village situated by the Syrian border in Turkey, Ahmet Necdet Cupur left his home at the age of 13 moving to Antakya to pursue schooling. He obtained a civil engineering degree and worked three years in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. In one of his journeys, he shot a short film in Romania and decided to be a filmmaker. He left his engineering job and moved to Paris. Two years after his arrival, he made his short film “Latin Babylon” with the support of CNC and France 2 TV. He lives and develops projects in Paris.

Cinematography by

Ahmet Necdet Cupur

Edited by

Mathilde van de Moortel

Music by

Ahmet Necdet Cupur, Lucie Baudinad

Main cast

Mahmut Cupur, Zeynep Cupur, Nezahat Cupur, Rifat Cupur, Nadire Cupur

Color: colored, Running time: 93, Format: DCP, Countries: TR, FR, DE, Languages: TR, ARA

Nadir Öperli Nadir Öperli received his BA degree in Business Administration and MA degree in Cultural Studies from Bogazici University in Istanbul. He started his career as a film critic, and he was one of the founders of Altyazi Cinema Magazine. After working for a few short films, he started to produce feature films in 2007. In 2010 he was selected to the producers’ network ACE, and in 2012 he attended the post-production workshop EP2C. He is a board member of SEYAP (Film Producers’ Association of Turkey), and a member of European Film Academy.
Delphine Morel

A producer and filmmaker since 1997, Delphine Morel joined TS Productions in 2009. She has produced various documentaries for TV and cinema which have been shown in such festivals as IDFA, DokLeipzig, Cinema du Réel, Viennale, IFF Rotterdam.

Anke Petersen

For over 14 years Anke Petersen was an inherent part of Tony Petersen Film, producing creatively ambitious films since more than three decades. In 2012 she produced her first documentary Calle del Arte with ZDF/ARTE and subsequently established Jyoti Film in 2013, which is focused on international documentary co-productions, short films and digital projects.

Production company(s)

Liman Film, TS Productions, Jyoti Film


Anna Bolster

Sales agent

Deckert Distribution


In a village situated in the south of Turkey, a young man, Mahmut wants to divorce his newly-wed wife. At the same time, her sister Zeynep, an adolescent girl, decides to end her engagement and gets a factory job. Their vision is regarded as sin and an impossible battle begins. As the younger generation rebels, a factual portrayal of traditional family values and child marriage in Turkey emerges.

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