In The Shadows

Original title: "Gölgeler İçinde"

Directed by

Erdem Tepegöz

Erdem Tepegoz was born in 1982 Graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Economics. He studied film directing in Prague. He travelled all around the world for making documentaries. His debut ZERRE (THE PARTICLE) won 23 awards including Best Film Golden St. George at the 35th Moscow IFF and was screened in 30 countries. Gölgeler Içinde (IN THE SHADOWS) is his second feature film. He continues his master degree in the field of anthropology.

Cinematography by

Hayk Kirakosyan

Edited by

Arzu Volkan

Music by

Greg Dombrowski

Main cast

Numan Acar

Color: colored, Running time: 94, Format: DCP, Countries: Turkey, Languages: Turkish

Umut Özçorlu He founded his company Contact Film Production with Figen Ermek Özçorlu in 2007 and hehas worked as a producer in more than 100 commercials.
Figen Ermek Özçorlu

Born in 1971 in Nevşehir Avanos, she graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism and California State University – Los Angeles (USA).

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Grand Prix Award ( 42.Moscow International Film Festival ), Best Film, Siyad (57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival), Best Director, Filmyön (57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival), Best Cinematographer ( 57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival), Best Music (57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival), Best Production Design ( 57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival), Best Director ( Bosphorus Film Festival), Best Cinematographer ( Bosphorus Film Festival)


Turkish Radio and Television

Sales agent

Patra Spanou


42.Moscow Internationl Film Festival ( World Premiere), 57.Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Bosphorus International Film Festival, Cottbus Film Festival


In a dystopia of undefined place and time, dominated by primitive technology, a group of people is being controlled by an omnipresent surveillance system. When one of them contracts a mysterious disease, out of fear to lose his job he tries to contact the Officials. Doubts arise about the structure he is working in. By questioning the system, he gets to know the depths of this structure which is dark better than he thought.

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