Original title: "Çatlak"

Directed by

Fikret Reyhan

He was born in Hatay. He has master degree at Physics Engineer. He has a published novel called “Defne” and many other short stories. His first feature film ‘Yellow Heat’ attended to many festivals all around the world and had lots of awards like ‘The Best Director’ from 39th Moscow Film Festival, ‘The Best Film’ from 36th Istanbul Film Festival. ‘Fractured’ is his second feature film.

Cinematography by

Marton Miklauzic

Edited by

Fikret Reyhan

Music by


Main cast

Hakan Salınmış, Hakan Emre Ünal, Tuğçe Yolcu, Süreyya Kilimci, Giray Altınok

Color: colored, Running time: 82, Format: DCP, Countries: TR, Languages: TR

Nizam Reyhan He was born in Hatay. He graduated from Ege University (Izmir) as a Computer Programmer. Between 2000-2004 he worked for International BAM Company (Dubai & Saudi Arabia) as General Manager. Than he moved to London. 2004-2015 worked at KPMG as Portfolio Support Officer, London (UK). Since 2015 he has been involved in the film industry and contributed in the production of Yellow Heat. Fractured is his second feature film.
Production company(s)

FNR Film


Dr. Avni Tolunay Special Jury Prize, Best Actress Award




57th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival


As a family’s buried tensions and grievances come bubbling to the surface over an unpaid debt, so the moral and economic background of this patriarchal, conservative household is gradually revealed.

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