Faraway Land

Original title: "Uzak Ülke"

Directed by

Erkan Yazıcı

Erkan Yazici was born in 1974 in Of. In 2000, he graduated from Cumhuriyet University department of Sociology. In 2002, he started working as a psychological counselor.He shot his first movie in 2005. In 2012, he got funded by Ministry of Culture for his first short film “Kirintiya Veda”. In 2014. 2017, for the movie “Faraway Land”, he applied to Ministry of Culture for production support. His project has been supported by Ministy Of Culture.

Cinematography by

Murat Karabina

Edited by

Umut Sakallıoğlu

Music by

Burak Beşir

Main cast

Haydar Şişman, Abdurrahman Gönan

Color: color, Running time: 93, Format: 2:35, Countries: TR, Languages: TR,EN,GR

Altın Yazıcı Altin Yazici was born in Trabzon/Surmene in May of 1977. In 2006, she graduated from Cumhuriyet University department of Accounting. After she worked as a director in different companies, she founded the move production company "Keyfilm Film Yapim".Faraway Land is her first full-length movie
Production company(s)

Keyfilm Prodüksiyon


8. international sochi film festival best director (2020)

Sales agent

Altın Yazıcı


39. international istanbul film festival (2020), 31. international ankara film festival (2020), 8. international sochi film festival (2020)


Black sea coast 1925. Paris, who is 12-year-old Greek from Trabzon, escapes from the camp to take the keepsake inherited from his father. When he comes back to the camp again, refugees have already gone and the camp has been vacated. The new regime declares warworn Major Osman as traitor and he is arrested in the camp which is vacated by the greek refugees . The camp where roots and fidelity are questioned will be a country in twilight for both, until a new ship arrives at the pier.

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