Expecting a Grain of Sand

Original title: "Bekleyiş"

Directed by

Aslı Akdağ

Born in Ankara, 1981. Graduated from school of law and specialized on Intellectual Property Rights. Attended to a Post Graduate Programme, Producing Film & Drama and worked with numerous producers.

Founded Kaliber Film in Turkey and produced Young Wrestlers, a docu drama premiered in Berlinale Generation in 2016 and awarded by a special mention. “Expecting a Grain Sand” is a debut dilm and an autobiographical work of hers, it is her debut film.

Cinematography by

Banu Sıvacı, Gözde Koyuncu, Kıvılcım Akay, Can Aygör, Osama El Sayed

Edited by

Yasemin Akıncı

Music by

Canset Özge Can

Main cast

Aslı Akdağ, Kerime Akdağ, Aşkın Akdağ

Color: b&w, Running time: 67, Format: HD, Countries: Turkey, Georgia, Languages: Turkish, German

Aslı Akdağ As a woman born and raised in Turkey, aims to do more women and children related productions with her company, FMWorks. Thus she directed "Expecting a Grain Sand", as a confrontation to society and her past. She also develops musical Youtube animations for 1-5 years old. She is developing Digital Formats for VOD platforms and writing a physicological horror movie for her following film.She is a consultant on Intellectual Property Rights as well.
Production company(s)

FMWORKS Production Company, LLC Precode Films


What happens if a single woman takes a decision for growing her baby without a father in Turkey? In this autobiographical documentary, we witness a woman keeping up a visual diary for her baby shooting what she goes through within the society and her family.

Documentary researches throughly social roles of women and intellectualizes social inequality. We also see the insecurity carried from the past with regard to father and we witness the constant lack of a male figure as the remains of the past enlightens the fear of today.

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