Brother’s Keeper

Original title: "Okul Tıraşı"

Directed by

Ferit Karahan

His short films Before the Flood and Yusiv’s Dream have been screened at numerous festivals and have won awards and honorable mentions. His feature debut The Fall From Heaven premiered at the Antalya Film Festival and won Best Film. Also won Best First Film Prize at the Ankara Film Festival, and was later screened at more than 15 festivals and won more the 10 awards.

Cinematography by

Türksoy Gölebeyi

Edited by

Hayedeh Safiyari, Sercan Sezgin

Music by


Main cast

Samet Yıldız, Ekin Koç, Mahir İpek, Melih Selçuk, Cansu Fırıncı

Color: colored, Running time: 85, Format: Digital, Countries: TR, RO, Languages: TR, KUR

Kanat Dogramaci Kanat Dogramacı was born in Eskisehir, Turkey, in 1987. After high school, he worked for a few production companies. Then he went to the United Kingdom to study Film Studies. When he got back to Turkey, he founded Asteros film in 2014. Since then, he has produced more than ten films. The films he produced were screened and won awards in numerous national and international film festivals.
Production company(s)

Asteros Film, Flama


Alexandu Craciun

Sales agent



Young Memo, a boarder at a repressive boys’ school secluded in the Anatolian mountains, falls mysteriously ill. Yusuf, his deskmate, struggles through the bureaucracy of the school authorities to get help for his friend. When the tutors finally realize the seriousness of the little boy’s condition and try to get him to a hospital, the school gets completely isolated under heavy snowfall. While trying to get outside help, teachers and students engage in a blame game where grudges, guilt feelings, and hidden secrets surface while time ticks on.

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