AV: The Hunt

Original title: "AV"

Directed by

Emre Akay Born 1978 in Ankara, writer/director/producer Akay's first short films were shot on super 8 (Proxemique and La Rupture) In 2004 Akay co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed “A Flim By Tuğra Kaftancıoğlu”. Akay who also directs commercials and music videos, co-directed two documentaies (Forever Onward-2015 and A Knot in My Bosphorus-2010 co-produced with Arte France. Akay also made the award winning shorts “A Simple Truth”, “Red Alert” and “Byzantine Game”. His films have been screened in more than 50 festivals around the world.

Cinematography by

Barış Özbiçer

Edited by

Taner Sarf, Emre Akay

Music by

Brian Bender, Deniz Cuylan

Main cast

Billur Melis Koç, Ahmet Rıfar Şungar, Yağız Can Konyalı, Yılmaz Adam Bayraktar, Baki Rıdvan Kaymaz

Color: colored, Running time: 87, Format: HD 3K - Anamorphic, Countries: Turkey, Languages: Turkish

Emre Akay Akay began by producing short films and music videos. His debut feature “A Flim By Tuğra Kaftancıoğlu” was produced in 2004. Akay has also produced two documentaies (Forever Onward-2015 and A Knot in My Bosphorus-2010 co-produced with Arte France. AV is his second feature fiction as producer.
Tolga Topçu Tolga Topçu (1980) Born in Istanbul. Started his career as a PA for commercials and music videos. Since 2004, he has served hundreds of commercials as a producer. He’s also, produced numerous award winning shorts including Baris Corak’s “Together” in competition at Locarno Film. In 2011, he founded his own production company, JaguarProjects, where he has been producing TV commercials, music videos and shorts. The company also line produced an episode of Norvegian thriller “Mammon”. AV: The Hunt is his first feature film.
Production company(s)

Darlingo Pictures, JaguarProjects, Karma Films


Diloy Gülün

Sales agent

WTF (France)


Starting in the suburbs of Anatolia AV: The Hunt reaches breathtaking natural landscapes and recounts how a young woman is sucked into a spiral of violence and her transformation from hunted to hunter, while trying to escape the patriarchal society she lives in.

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